A cape to cape WALK

A 1250 mile backpacking adventure through Britain ...

my book & where to buy it!

A Cape to Cape Walk was published on May 1st 2018 by Crescent House, an imprint of Vertebrate Publishing Ltd.

The book is now available to order direct from the Vertebrate Website for £17.95, including free UK shipping. The ISBN number is 9781909461550

Vertebrate will also mail out international orders. The book will be available via bookshops and internet retailers including Amazon from May 1st 2018.

I will be donating 10% of my royalties from direct sales , i.e. for any books purchased via Vertebrate Publishing, to Mountain Rescue, the Mountain Bothies Association and the John Muir Trust.



"Thank you so much for the book. What a kind and generous gesture.
It looks wonderful - and far more exciting and daring than anything I would ever undertake.
You have solved my Christmas reading problem at a stroke."

Bill Bryson  |  December 2018


"An incredible feat, not just of tenacity and endurance but also of observation and narrative.
Stories along the way abound in this one-man-mission to straddle an island. I am deeply envious."

Mike Harding

Author, lover and defender of the countryside, singer, songwriter, comedian, poet, broadcaster and multi-instrumentalist.



"An entertaining story of a walk from Cape Cornwall to Cape Wrath. Captures well the spirit of solo backpacking.
The author carried you along with him on his adventure. Lovely photos too."

Chris Townsend

Chris is a well known British mountaineer, author, TGO Magazine gear editor, Trustee of the John Muir Trust and one of the world's best-known and most experienced long-distance backpackers.


"A bloody good read ... I enjoyed it, what an epic."

John Horsburgh


"Just a note to let you know that I am enjoying the hell out of your book. 
You are to be commended, not only for the feat itself but for your quality writing, history, wit and photos. Wonderful."

Edward Bohn, Registered Professional Geologist


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The Cape to Cape Walk

Stage 1 - South West England

Stage 2 - Welsh Borders to Derbyshire Dales

Stage 3 - The Pennine Way

Stage 4 - Southern Uplands to Scottish Highlands

Stage 5 - Cape Wrath Trail

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A cape to cape WALK

A 1250 mile backpacking adventure through Britain ...