A cape to cape WALK

A 1250 mile backpacking adventure through Britain ...

On a late April morning, lover of landscapes John Sutcliffe sets out on a backpacking trek to celebrate his approaching 70th birthday, from Cape Cornwall in South West England to the remote Cape Wrath on the north-westerly tip of Scotland.

Choosing the remote North-West cape, rather than the more usual and accessible Lands End to John o' Groats end to end route, the author describes his journey, encompassing the wildest and more remote parts of Britain. Cornwall’s cliffs and the moors of Devon give way to the Welsh Borders and the Derbyshire Dales, with the 250 mile-long Pennine Way taking him over onto the Scottish Borders. The walk ends with 250 miles of the stunning, ‘dare to imagine’ North West Highlands of Scotland before journey’s end at Cape Wrath.

stage 1: South West England

cape cornwall to severn bridge - 301 miles

stage 3: the pennine way

edale to kirk yethOLm
256 miles

stage 4: Southern Uplands to Scottish Highlands

kirk yetholm to fort william
222 miles

stage 5: the cape wrath trail

fort william to cape wrath
251 miles

Contact John Sutcliffe - treks@johnsutcliffe.net


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The Cape to Cape Walk

Stage 1 - South West England

Stage 2 - Welsh Borders to Derbyshire Dales

Stage 3 - The Pennine Way

Stage 4 - Southern Uplands to Scottish Highlands

Stage 5 - Cape Wrath Trail

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A cape to cape WALK

A 1250 mile backpacking adventure through Britain ...